ORIC Progams

EDDY LODE V1.1 created by R. JUHEL modified by Romu
Written by R. Juhel in basic/text mode I modified this game to add some features.
I added the title screen (soon a picture which would be nicer than only text) and the menu to access the different parts of the game... You can notice the lode runner-like redefined characters set.
The instructions page (sorry in french but soon in english). This part is to be changed since the game now has more than the three original levels thanks to a LEVEL EDITOR. I added this editor because 3 levels was a bit short. You can now edit an existing level, create a new one and save it. I have adapted the program so that it adapts to the number of treasures to pick (which may vary from level to level) but I still have to change the way the program detects the number of levels before looping.
And finally the game itself.
  • the screens are bigger than in the original lode runner game.
  • another difference is in the behaviour of your enemies. Instead of walking and falling like in the original game R. Juhel made them fly. I have some ideas to make them act like in the original game but I still need some more information to code it (question of artificial intelligence). It leads to another difference which is the impossibility to dig holes to trap the monsters (which would be stupid for the moment because they fly).
  • a limited number of levels for the moment so the game is based on time (and not with a given number of lives).
Not yet available for download