VIP4 report
Oric 2 PC (oric 2 PC en français)

The June 2002-CEO 'Visu Oric'

Twilighte in Paris

The January 2002-CEO 'Visu Oric'

The June 2001-CEO 'Visu Oric'

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Some scans and pics of oric hardware and accessories.

Periph'Oric page 1 page 2 Periph'Oric Voice Synth. Ad
8 input/output board
Various joystick interfaces
Byte Drive 500 Test My Jasmin drive
Tonic Modem Ad Digitelec Modem DTL 2000 Ad
Graphiscop Graphic Tablet Ad      Test Cyborg Vaporware ?
Various TV adapters
Stereo Interface
(Theoric 29 p.26-27)
1st part page 26
2nd part page 27
Oric atmos dust cover Graphic Planner
to sketch some graphics on the
paper before progamming it

Have a look at my oric collection. And here is my 3" setup to transfer disks (sedoric or jasmin) to my PC...

It's really easy to do have a look here: Oric 2 PC (oric 2 PC en français)

Oric Atmos ASN Oric Atmos Micropuce Oric 1 - Trek
Oric 1 Oric Atmos Learn english with your Oric:

If you want to see other covers go to D'Bug's site where you will find scans of oric manuals, books and magazines covers and have a look at his demo corner...